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About Us

Founded in 2006, The Slap n Dash studio is situated in the most tranquil of settings, inside the grounds of Hawkhurst Fisheries.  Slap n Dash is an art and craft studio which caters for all ages both children and adults.  It is a funtastic place to enjoy being as creative as you wish.


The main part of the business is painting your own ceramics, which are then glazed and fired in the kiln, in house.  There are many different ceramics to choose from with so many designs and techniques to try, and our friendly staff are always on hand to give advice and assistance. There is the chance to try many different crafts here in the studio, such as Geraldine the giraffe as shown in the image above, made entirely from paper mache, Geraldine has been has been lovingly decopatched by our staff using our vibrant Decopatch Papers. We hold parties and workshops for children and adults and also have a lovely range of gift and keepsake ideas.


About Samantha Vian.


Hello, I’m Samantha Vian. I’m the Proprietor and an artist at Slap 'n Dash Paint Your Own Ceramics living in Hawkhurst, United Kingdom. I am a fan of arts, entrepreneurship, and painting.




Sevenoaks School

Cobham hall

West Kent College, Tonbridge





Everyone's an Artist ..They just don't know it!

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