Crafts & Gifts

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Foam Clay and Other Crafts

Foam and Silk Clay are non toxic and air drying modelling materials.  This fun and colourful clay is clean, and can be moulded around or rolled out to cover most mediums like wood, foam or material and dries hard within a 2 hour period.  


We offer Foam, Silk and Pearl Clay activities in house and have several different options to use this lovely clay.  You can wrap this around wood, the paper mache decopatch items, foam shapes and even material monster keyrings to name but a few......


Prices range from £3 a pot to £20 for 10 pots of Foam or Silk Clay and you pay for the item you are covering.


Make A Bear

Why not try your hand at making your own bear?  With a fantastic range of different animals on offer from bears to dinosaurs, there is much to choose from.  There is no sowing involved and we provide the stuffing, a lovely make a wish heart or star for your child to place in the heart of the bear and even a birth certificate.  The price of a Make a Bear is £14.00.  Suitable for children Age 3+.

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